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Table Towers, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, design, manufacture and supply a range of bespoke food serving towers especially aimed at those restaurants, bistros and bars that are now serving tapas. We are also developing a range a towers specifically aimed at the Asian restaurant market.

Tapas, once the preserve of just Spanish restaurants, it’s now fast becoming a mainstay on the menus of contemporary bistros, bar chains, small restaurants wanting to increase their offer and large restaurants too.

Whilst a great way of attracting new customers, serving tapas does present a problem; table space.

Bringing and serving many dishes to the table often leads to chaos for the waiting staff and leaves customers forever rearranging the vast array of dishes in the limited space available, far from the ideal dining experience.

At Table Towers we have the solution...

Paul Rickelton - Founder of Table Towers

Paul Rickelton - Founder

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Table Towers
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A much better experience for your customers

Up to 5 dishes taking the space of just one

Improves the speed of service

Helps you package promotions

Less chance of dishes being served to the wrong table

Our Products

Whether you’re modern or traditional, serve British, Greek or Spanish Tapas we have a Table Tower to suit.

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The Table Towers Story

Long before tapas became popular in the UK, back in 2004 to be precise, while mulling over a pint and our futures Russ, an old friend, and I dreamt of one day owning our own restaurant and taking the world by storm with a different dining experience.

It seemed that everything had been done and we struggled to come up with something unique….. that was until I made a discovery whilst lost in the hills above Mijas is Spain. I’d stopped to get directions in a traditional tapas bar. The food was simple, but amazing, many small dishes brought to the table with an array of seafood, meat and vegetables, grilled, fried and steamed.
This was just what we had been looking for.

Upon my return, Russ and I took our idea to the next stage and began our search for a location
and making plans for how we would serve our range of tapas.

Lots of small dishes on small tables was clearly going to be a problem, so I came up with a hi-rise serving frame that could take 5 dishes in the same space as just one;
Tapas Towers were born.

Another opportunity came Russ’ way to open a franchise coffee shop in the beautiful City of Durham and so our plans were shelved. Move on almost 10 years and Russ, having cut his teeth with no less than 3 franchises he finally achieved his ambition of creating his own coffee shop and bistro; The Lamp Room, in Seaham on the north east coast.

The dream we shared back in 2004 was becoming a reality and in 2014 Russ began serving tapas. He approached me make up 20 tapas towers to the original design using Balti dishes we had come up with all those years ago, they worked a treat. But as with all things they could be improved and so I did just that and made a range for the ever increasing tapas market using the traditional terracotta dishes and a range for the traditional Indian restaurant market using the Balti dishes.